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AVTruckLog - Monitoring e Telemetry

How many times would you like to ...

… Have full control of your fleet,

… when the fuel supplies, and randomly loses,

… to know whether the use of the engine is suited to your style,

… the consumption for every trip,

… ottenere report settimanali, mensili, completi sull’utilizzo dei mezzi,

Gets weekly or monthly reports .

The solution

AVTruckLog is the complete solution for telemetry of engines and vehicles equipped with internal communication system type CanBus J1939 or FMS Standard.J1939 or FMS standard is a standard protocol defined by the major manufacturers of vehicles and engines that operate in following areas :
  • road transport
  • earthmoving
  • boating
  • electric engine generator

Download : User Manual


Consciousness and awareness of what is happening to your engine or fleet:
Archiving historical computerized use of the fleet, a simple management tool to query reporting whenever a doubt appear.
Identify the driver “virtuoso” with the right foot in the accelerator. "heavy" usage penalizes consumption by up to 30%, for the economy of the trip is good to know the profile.
Each fuel fill is visible from the filling of the tank, possible subtractions are visible by checking the historical tank level.

How it works

The complete solution is composed of hardware AVJ1939Recorder to be installed in the truck to be monitored and the analysis software AVTruckLog to interpret telemetry acquired.

AVJ1939 Recorder is the unit easy to install, able to read the values passing through the can bus system and save them to the mass memory or SD Card USB Key
AVTruckLog software is able to import the values from the mass storage device to the PC, and perform further processing, views to simplify the interpretation of the telemetry performed.


The hardware device AVJ1939Recorder allows read engines value available on J1939 communications system Canbus or FMS standard, and store the value on USB Key or SD Card media.

Software AVTruckLog

The software AVTruckLog allow you to download all the data from the USB KEY or SD CARD on the PC. After the download the software allow to manage and to query data to understand the trips.
Demo mode allow you to use the software with demo data , so you can evaluate the powerfull features of the software. The only restriction is you cannot download the data from media (USB KEY or SD card).
From Control Panel you can choose the operation:
  • Import: to import data form USB Key or SD Card to the PC.
  • Anagrafica : Fleet Registry : to insert the composition of the Fleet.
  • Grafici: Graph : To display the graph of a truck trip.
  • Analisi Consumi: Consumption Analysis: analizze the consumption and the parameter ( maximum speed, maximum RPM etc etc ) of a truck trip.
  • Analisi Utilizzo Trip Analysis: to know when it is was used and the monthly truck trips.
Download : Software AVTruckLog